Böcker Inclined Material Hoists

Are you looking for a better way to hoist materials quickly and safely?

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Simply 83T

Save your talented personnel for what they do best…

Our Böcker Inclined Material Hoists can do the heavy lifting for you!

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Avario K Solar 1-X2

Simply Vent 1-X2

An Inclined Material Hoist is primarily used for moving materials and objects in building construction, renovation work, roofing, and as a furniture lift. For over half a century Böcker has been working on perfecting the safe and efficient transport of loads to great heights. Our goal has always been to maintain our high standards of durability, reliability, and safety. Hence, we now offer several robust and powerful inclined lift models.

Double Crane

What Are Customers Are Saying...

"We used the Böcker inclined lift to move materials, empty job boxes, roof safety carts, and tools (often stored inbox) up to and down from the rooftop."

"If you don’t want to be tied to the supplier, it’s overall a more efficient way to do the job.  We wasted plenty of man-hours waiting for the supplier’s schedule to get material loaded on the roof.  The Böcker inclined lift = convenience, which meant saving labor and doing more jobs without waiting.  If you do the math, it is the better way."

"Delivery of material to the roof is $150-$200 from a supplier or much more with a crane (rental).  What about unloading the job?  Different story on the way down since the suppliers were much more difficult to get back on site.  We figured it took 15-20 Jobs to pay for the machine by saving ~$1,500-$2,000 per job in labor."

"Material and equipment delivery to the roof is under my control."

"In times of severe weather, suppliers are not available and we need to provide a quick response to our customers. We can even get snow blowers up to the roof when needed in the winter."

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